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The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people….And for this people, and for the sake of this people….we will struggle and fight….and never slacken…never tire…never lose courage… and never lose faith. -A.H.

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Invest in yourself and in your People. The pursuit of money is and should be viewed as an embarrassment.

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Remember that for nearly all of Aryan history, the pursuit of money was considered to be a shameful endeavor. There was an age, not too long ago, in which the best of men of the Western World looked upon the pursuit of money as something of an embarrassment; not fit for any thoughtful soul.

Around the time of the French revolution, with the establishment of the Bank of London, practically overnight in the broader historical scope of history, everything changed. Suddenly, those men who were looked upon with a dispassionate disgust were controlling the levers of power and the direction of whole nations, kings and the course of human history. The merchant class had staged something of a worldwide coup and in doing so, changed the course of history down a path of unfathomable pain, suffering, and degeneration.

Since I recognize the extent of the corruption in our economic system, I’ve developed something of an adversarial relationship to the dollar….to an extreme degree. My fridge and pantry are literally empty, as is the bank account….I live a very strange life…. –Asha Logos

Be a servant of God’s will and that of your citizens. Do not allow greed or envy, or spite to be your driving motivation. We need genuine men; men with judgement, foresight, and a strong sense of justice; big hearts and noble souls. For the sake of this Earth and for the sake of humanity, we need men to become the Gods that they once were and the Gods that they are destined to be.

Pursue divinity; not dollars. Fight for this with every fiber of your being. Never forget who you are and from whence you came.


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Go to the gym at least three times a week, and fill the other days with physical activity as well. Lift heavy objects. Realize that the Heroic ideal necessitates hardship and struggle as a prerequisite. Obstacles merely allow us to flex our muscles and test our mettle; to prove who we’re capable of being. Struggle brings us closer to God and in doing so, makes us men. Convenience and lives of luxury, vice, and degeneracy make us weak, petty, shallow, and self-serving.

Five X Five Stronglifts

Learn This Do This Strive for Ascension

Consider taking up physical hobbies to do on off days:

Stop consuming unnatural foods

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Fast food and most processed and packaged food like potato chips, frozen dinners, candy needs thrown in the garbage. Avoid this poison like the plague. Stop snacking and eat real food. We’re surrounded by unnatural food these days. It’s abundant and ubiquitous. Remind yourself of something that we seem to have forgotten: you don’t have to eat all the fucking time. If there is no real food, don’t eat.

I used this picture specifically to call attention to the unthinkingly shameful glamorization of the cannabis culture. Cannabis is a holy plant with a profound history set in divinity and ascension. But the cannabis culture has become a representation of everything that is self-serving and degenerative.

Stop glamorizing $12 craft hipster beer

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The ATF does not require them to put nutrition facts on the cans. All those IPAs and Stouts and craft beers usually hover around 40 carbs and 300+ calories each. If you want to drink, fine. Just don’t be a flaming faggot about it. Have a beer, or some wine, or bourbon, scotch, gin, etc. know your limits and respect them.

Do not drink soda, ever.


Prepare yourself for the coming civil war in America. Do you have enough food and water to survive two weeks in total isolation; what about two months? Do you have enough toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, trash bags, etc., to survive total isolation for an extended period of time?

A note: Do not stockplie weapons. In the event of a civil war or a SHTF scenario, there will be plenty of weapons in the hands of the enemy. I would recommend a shotgun, a hunting rifle, a pistol, and a tactical rifle.


Stop listening to Post-Modern, Bolshevik degeneracy.

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This is the face of modern music. Stop listening. Stop giving them money. The content of this media is harmful and counter to who we are. It’s destructive, degenerate, and self-serving in nature. A covenant society has the right to exclude and punish certain behavior. This is one of those behaviors.

Fight to imbibe and spread beauty while simultaneously shunning degeneracy and parasitic behaviours.

Know your history. Remember who you are and from whence you came…and act accordingly

Respect yourself and your race. Dress well, and face the day. Never allow yourself to relax. Harship and struggle make us who we are.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run; yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it; and, which is more, you’ll be a man, my son.

read at LEAST 500 pages a month.

That’s 125 pages a week. The book can be anything. But try to choose old books from root sources. Books like Homer’s The Iliad or The Odyssey, anything by Dostoevsky or Chekhov, read Solzhenitsyn, read Heraclitus, read Plato and the great thinkers of Western history…. but if you want to read nothing but Nancy Drew novels and old diaries you bought off eBay, you’re still miles ahead of most other people you’ll ever come across in your life. Read 125 pages a week of anything.

Stop consuming pornography and DO NOT masturbate.

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Pornography has been discovered to be run completely and entirely by a certain extremely protected group. A group that has, for the course of at least the last 200 years, aimed at undermining and destroying Western Civilization. Pornography is a parasite on the mind of the Aryan man and is designed as a destructive and degenerative force upon the Western world

Understand that all pleasures of the flesh and sensuality are the complete opposite of the highest virtues and of divinity. Strive for excellence. Do not miss the mark.

If you can’t stop yourself from whipping out your dick and violently jerking it until you jizz into a kleenex, you’re not a man; you’re a sub-human. Through the corrupt media, Hollywood, and academia, the last three generations have been programmed to unthinkingly accept the concept of “sexual liberation” and subversive, deceitful Freudian logic and theory. The constant thought of “Muh Dik”, is a base and animalistic mentality. Have some self-control. Get ahold of yourself. Don’t stoop to the level of our opponents. Never play the role that your enemy has written for you. Avoid playing into his hands and taking the step down the path which he’s paved for you. This behaviour is not only harmful, but counter to who we are.

“The reabsorption of semen by the blood is the strongest nourishment and, perhaps more than any other factor, it prompts the stimulus of power, the unrest of all forces toward the overcoming of resistances, the thirst for contradiction and resistance. The feeling of power has so far mounted highest in abstinent priests and hermits (for example, amoung the Brahmans).” -Nietzche

stop watching rick and morty

it’s really fucking gay


National Socialism

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National Socialism (more specifically, a united group) is the one thing that the Bolshevik, merchant class of men fears most of all. During the rise of the Third Reich, it was proven, in practical terms, to be almost unbelievably effective in creating massive wealth for a nation beyond anyone’s imagination. National Socialism posed (and poses) an immense threat to the Communist banking cartels currently at the helm of our world; which is why the National Socialists of Germany’s Weimar Republic had to be stopped; despite whether or not it took every major superpower on the planet to do it.

(((They))) have been incentivized to crush any potential uprising of a National Socialist spirit since the fall of the Weimar Republic in the 1940s. They have been actively destroying and obfuscating our history since then in order to confuse, divide, and control. In order to understand who we are, an accurate depiction of our history is profoundly important.

The rabid and perpetual condemnation of National Socialism by the Communist owned media is proof of it’s effectiveness and it’s innate goodness. Remember that people living in the Weimar Republic lived in a world of wealth comparatively unmatched before or after in human history. What Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich accomplished in a few years is still known today by academia as a true economic miracle. And it happened nearly overnight.

Unfortunately, the potential for a National Socialist state in the US is lost to us for now. (((They))) have permanently and intentionally changed the demographics of our country so profoundly as to completely eliminate the possibility of unified ethnic or racial group coming to power ever again (Oh how wrong they fucking are). However, the few of us left, outnumbered as we may be, have a knack for these types of situations built into us on a biological level. The blood flowing through your veins has lived before; countless times before. Our ancestors fought the same fight that lies ahead of us. Stay fit, stay vigilant, prepare, and wait.

Their voices were even and low Their eyes were level and straight There was neither sign nor show

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