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Our Fight Against the Machine

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Out of love for the truth and desire to illuminate, clear minded citizens intend to defend the following statements. We ask that those who cannot be present and dispute with us orally shall do so in our absence by public statement.

  1. We Condemn the Selfish Individual. No action taken is in a vacuum, for it echoes throughout society repeating until proactive action is taken to stop it. Apologetics and celebration of all manner of immoral and depraved acts must be eliminated from the cultural landscape.

  2. We Condemn Double Standards. Rules must apply to all equally. Standards must remain high for all, regardless of some groups’ inability to meet them. Charges of racism, bigotry or any other ‘ism for inevitable disparities shall be dismissed as ideological nonsense. Attempting to craft laws and policies to punish good choices and and benefit bad choices in lieu of fairness is backwards and dysgenic.

  3. We Condemn Multiculturalism. All peoples ought to have their own right to self determination no matter past transgressions, real or imagined. The “melting pot” muddles the bountiful variety of humanity. Attempts to pull the third world into the first world harms both.

  4. We Condemn Technological Hegemony. The notion of holy algorithms is unacceptable. “AI” is a soulless construct automating the will of its often tyrannical creators. Filter bubbles caused by this technology have further atomized people to the point where one can hardly relate to any but their closest friends and family.

  5. We Condemn Financialized Entertainment. The profit motive incentivizes psychological trickery, addiction, and gambling from a host of bad actors.

  6. We Condemn Usury. Profiting off of the debts of the less fortunate is a despicable act and a major cause of social unrest.

  7. We Condemn Anti-natalism. Any promotion of misanthropic self-loathing, or hatred for one’s own people is a call to genocide. We are born guiltless, and further attempts to brand children with an original sin will not be tolerated. We Condemn Monopolized Information. From the internet, to the media, to the history books, information is crafted by an elite few to serve their own interests. To embrace the popular conceptions as the absolute truth is naive at best.

  8. We Condemn Thought Policing. One can only be convicted on acts, not thoughts. People must have the right to hold their own beliefs, faiths, and values, whether they are political, religious or otherwise, without fear of being slandered and excommunicated. It matters not whether the castigation comes from the television, or a friend or neighbor. When these concocted charges of bigotry or various ‘isms arise, there will be no apologies given.

  1. We Affirm the Family. The most basic social unit, from which balance between the masculine and feminine blossom into the future. Privilege is another word for inheritence; via the sweat and blood of our forebearers, this privilege has been cultivated. Thus, it should be celebrated, and shared with future generations.

  2. We Affirm the Child. Embodying the future, nurtured by the past, the child’s hopes must grow in curiosity, and its dreams pruned with responsibility. The child must be free from corrupting influences, raised knowing healthy life strategies rather than self destructive ones.

  3. We Affirm the Woman. Not as a slave to corporations, but as the leaders of home and hearth, preservers of tradition, and the collective bedrock between families from which society grows.

  4. We Affirm the Man. The explorer, the risk-taker, the hero. Experimenting with the future, he ventures out into the unknown, braving chaos for his brethren.

  5. We Affirm the Nation. The Folk. The people have a right to choose their own path, from freedom of association, to the determining of ones boundaries. The nation is the final social unit that defines the interactions between different peoples.

We entreat our elected leaders to publicly disavow the tyrants of our age, and to acknowledge that our people’s existence is non-negotiable. We make it clear that we have nothing to apologize for. Let it be known that noone condones violence, but honest conversation must be had.

This age is marked by forcing pressure on a stone, and blaming the stone for its cracks. Random acts of violence cannot be stopped no matter how much it is condemned as long as the base cause is sustained.

By the rich history of our people and our country, we stand assured that justice will return to this country.

We Entreat every person, especially lost souls, to re-engage with society. With openness and honesty, hold yourself and others to the highest of standards. To accept yet leave behind your failures, and re-embolden your strengths. Society is a bottom-up phenomena, not a top-down design.

– written by a small group of fervent patriots of Freedom, Magnanimity, and Truth. May God give them strenth and speed in their fight against the malevolent machine