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Taking Back the West

Child > Woman > Man > God — This has been the natural order since the beginning for a reason.

We’ve been fighting a losing battle


But men deserve the women they allow to exist

Some may blame women for the current state of our degrading society. The ever increasing feminization of western culture. But should we not place the responsiblity of something as important as the cohesiveness of society on man?

It may be hard to stomach, but women are not to blame for the failures of society, being men’s subordinates, they are merely a reflection of the condition of men in a society.

If men were virtuous and demanded virtuous virginal wives, this is what women would be. Any women that would’t would be exiled. Due to this, most women in the society would aspire towards the cause of virtuous.

You can fundamentally assume that what most women want is the best life. They want to marry a good man, do right by their family, have children, and be happy-this is really all there is to it.


But when the men of the society expect women to be something most closely resembling a prostitute, what shape will women take? Because this is the expectation, this is the path women will follow.

Their family likely does little to demand virtuous behavior of them compared to material success. The same goes for society as it does not preach this either, but instead chooses to preach feminine liberation, sexual freedom, and consumerism-which forces them out into their youth with the idea that the only way to happiness is through sexual freedom.

Beauty is fading


The irony in this is that this is the cause of their demise. As after their youth fades, they begin to realize that their chance at true happiness has come and gone. They’ve been tricked.

But should we blame them?

No. It is because men are not concerned with virtue that women are not virtuous.

Therefore, to see women like this should be a wakeup call to men, forcing them to admit:

Women are only like this, because the men of my society are base.

Men need to wake up and dominate women again.

But don’t feel too bad. Things can change. And they are changing.



America is not lost yet




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