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God is real


God is not real if and only if the absence of God exists. By all definitions of God, if the absence of God exists, then only evil exists. Good exists, therefore our assumption that the absence of God exists is false. Therefore, God is real.

Nice has nothing to do with Christianity.

I’ve got nothing against nice –nice is nice– but even serial killers can be nice. They generally are exceptionally affable, except when they’re murdering. That means they’re nice to, like, 97 or 98 percent of everyone they meet.

I guess they’re following Christ almost all of the time, right? \

And tolerance?

Tolerance is easy. Any coward can learn to tolerate something. Tolerance is inaction; intolerance is action. We are called to refuse to tolerate evil. We are called to get angry at it and actively work to destroy it.

Who’d have guessed it – anger is far more godly than tolerance ever coud be.