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God is within you

>Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"

Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior

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Degeneracy /pol/ recognizes degeneracy as a concrete symptom. But do you know to combat the pathogen within yourself? Conquer it internally before conquering it for your brother. This is the lesson. Degeneracy is an inevitability when one succumbs to entropy/decay, and has lost the way. It exists within each of us, as a manifestation of lost connection. What is the opposite of entropy? Of decay? CONNECTION. To abandon connection is to degenerate, as we see in today’s spiritually sick society.

3rd Eye Activation It is the human condition to struggle between two identities: -Having -Being When we think that it is more important to have than be, we discover that we may have everything we thought we wanted, but lose ourselves and sense of fulfillment.

Connection Rebuild, reconnect, learn to control your heart rate and physiology by controlling your BREATH. You must control yourself. What do you hope to control in your life if you’ve severed the connection between your heart and mind? The soul must guide the body, NOT the inverse. I cannot convince through rhetoric and logic. Ultimate truth will always seem paradoxical. It’s like logically trying to convince one to balance on two legs and walk. It can be demonstrated, but there is no gain in only understanding how to do it conceptually. Experience You were not made to crawl. You are a wonderful being. A physiological and bioelectric marvel. A soul is not a gift to neglect.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”

What did our ancestors understand when they named parts of our physiology? Consider: Language is understanding. We name objects/phenomena in order to create a “meme” for quickly accessing a truth. The Indo-European word for “soul” is “atemn.” It is related to “atmos,” the word for “breath.” You might recognize “atmos” as later becoming “vapor/steam” in Greek (as in atmosphere). In German, “Atem” (originally soul) means breath. What is the connection between soul and breath? Heart & mind

Brain is “ker∂srom”. “Heart” is “krdi”/”krdjom.” It’s where we get >cardio/cardiac/cardium. Ker” means “head” (cerebrum/corymb), “grow” (as in create) and “heat” (carb). We see the identical nature linguistically. What did our paleolithic ancestors understand in their common tongue that seems a mystery to us?

-Master your breathing to build connection through your heart and mind

The strengthening of this connection is the strengthening of the soul